• Proud to Employ
    America’s Heroes

    Tradesmen International is honored to employ Veterans.
    They showcase the skills, personal characteristics and work ethic that have positioned our company as the industry leader. Our Veteran employees are naturally champions of safety, our #1 core value. They not only focus on their own safety, but on the well-being of their colleagues that they work alongside daily.

  • Build a
    Stronger America

    Build a Future with Strong Wages, Job Stability, Benefits and More...

    • Join elite craft professionals who emphasize Safety, Productivity and Craftsmanship
    • Be rewarded for working hard – Top Pay, Stable Work, Health Insurance, 401(k), Vacation Time, Awards...
    • Work on projects reshaping our communities: schools, power plants, hospitals, naval vessels...
  • Be Safe
    in everything you do

    Safety is Our #1 Core Value; we care about each other like family

    • Earn your OSHA 10 Card through certified training provided to you on our dime
    • Stay current on safety best practices as construction tools, technology and methods are ever changing
    • Enjoy a bratwurst, a beverage and shoot the breeze with friends at our local office safety cook-outs
  • Work hard and
    Keep Working

    Our sales team partners with the area’s top contractors with the goal of keeping the paycheck coming in for you

    • Know the next project you’re working on before the project you’re on now is completed
    • Grow your skills through training opportunities and be highly sought-after by our contractor clients
    • Bring safety, craftsmanship and a solid work ethic to the job daily and get paid top dollar
  • Create
    Your Legacy

    Leave your mark on America for all to see, for generations to come

    • Work on projects you’ll be proud of like community parks, schools, medical facilities, sport complexes...
    • Enjoy project diversity possible through our partnership with many contractors of all types
    • Take pride in the fact that safety and craftsmanship were building blocks of every job you supported

Join North America’s Elite Travel-Dedicated Workforce and Stay Working on the Industry’s Top Construction Projects!

Tradesmen’s proven road warrior employees – heavy industrial and commercial craftsmen – work on everything from LNG terminals and refineries to power plants, manufacturing facilities and office towers. Our traveler employee’s skill level is unmatched and, when coupled with the safety and productivity they bring to the job site daily, it’s no wonder the industry’s top contractors from across North America partner with us more than any other construction firm.

We’re looking for proven, experienced craftsmen who enjoy travel and are looking for stable work, top wages, top per diem, vacation pay opportunities, respect and solid benefits.

“A power plant on the East Coast. A refinery in the Midwest. An LNG facility on the Gulf. I love the diversity Tradesmen provides, not to mention the consistent paycheck. ”

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